lundi 25 juin 2012

Out June 2012

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Waterllillies, french rock band from Mediterranean coast, just presents his new Ep, Bridge over troubled Waterllillies. After a furst Ep in 2008 and their furst album in 2010, Waterllillies comes back to the stores with an incredible disc. This time, they recorded their best songs from the Julien Doré Tour of winter 2011 and printer 2012. New songs, new arrangements, this new Ep is the conclusion of three years of dynamic gigs full of energy. It's the realization of the public contact and communication, as a gift to the fans and to the new public to thank their support and love. My favorite one is Girls, an incredible song about the search of love, with some crazy arrangements, electro, rock, orgamon, soul, funk, Beatles, Doors, Phoenix... i can hear on it a lot of influences, but its originality is unic : it's an OVNI !!! More details on the Waterllillies Website : You can listen and buy on Amazon right here, or on every platform you want... Good listening and let's rock !!!

Happy Wacco World, track from the album Smoke on the Waterllillies, Automn 2010, printer 2011.

IRO / LOS ANGELES SS12 from IRO on Vimeo.
And the Waterllillies channel : Waterllillies on the Road.

Song Murder on a Range Rover, from their furst album and their new Ep.
Video on Julien Doré Tour, Winter 2011, Printer 2012.